Fabric and Fabrications

We believe that a blank canvas is the best place to start something new. It's completely functional as a fabric in the literal sense and it happens to look fantastic. The majority of the collection will be made from various weights and weaves of undyed cotton canvas and there will be a knitwear piece and jersey options to supplement this. There will be a splash of colour because whilst all beige everything is goals, sometimes there is a need for some variation. We imported most of these fabrics from a store in LA that sells a huge range of denim. We have selvage denim from Cone Mills, North Carolina and we tried to use a 16oz bull denim which turned out to be too stiff for garments. We will be using other weights of bull denim instead. The splash colour is a 9oz caramel denim that compliments the undyed tones. If you have any questions about the provenance of our goods please feel free to get in touch at seth@utility9244c.co.uk.

Things like zippers, buckles and buttons are being carefully considered for your ease of use too. Cobra buckles, vintage military buttons and YKK zips are being worked in to the collection in various guises.